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For the thrid year in a row we have set an excellent trap but those Sneaky Leprechauns seem to have evaded us once again!  Peyton was disappointed but has decided next year our trap should be bigger :)

The Trap was set

And when they woke up….

We found green footprints, Chocolate Coins, Shamrock Confetti, and Green Rock Candy…but NO Leprechauns!  We have underestimated them again!

Pixi following the trail

She was very concerned about the footprints

But thought the Green milk was lots of fun!

P2 didn’t want to check the trap…He made me do it!

Enjoying her Pot of Gold at the end of the Rainbow :)

Rainbow Breakfast~Fruit and Marshmallows

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

So I woke up yesterday morning, got my coffee, relaxed a little bit…okay by relax I mean checked my facebook, email, and twitter accounts…showered, then P2 woke up.  Still a typical morning, got him his milk, he watched some ‘toons’, etc. etc.  P1 gets up around 730 or so and we do breakfast, she watches some ‘toons’ and then it’s time to start getting ready to leave the house.  That is always when the fun happens!!!

P1 went up stairs to brush her teeth and get clean underwear and lil’ brother decides to follow.  Meanwhile I’m straitening up, gathering clothes, making sure sippy cups are full, yada yada yada…well, a few minutes later P1 came back down stairs and resumed her position with her blankie on the couch, lil’ brother didn’t follow…he was still upstairs….

Before I get to the ‘fiasco’ part, because it’s coming, let me just update you here on my son.  He just turned two in April and is now almost 38″ tall.  Ya, he’s giant!  And you know the worst part about having a giant 2 year old?  You CAN”T baby proof the house!  Trust me, I’ve tried!  He can reach anything, he can climb anything, and when he can’t he finds the appropriate sized ‘stool’ to help hoist his big butt up!  He’s broken the cabinet latches off of the cabinets, we got a latch for the refrigerator door and he pulled and pulled until he broke that off too (apparently he’s as strong as he is tall), he climbs over baby gates, and figured out the door handle covers when he was about 18 month old so he can get into any door, and he can untwist tops off of containers and open closed boxes…We’ve done everything short of locking him in a padded room!

So, I go upstairs to bring him back down because I know my son, and I KNOW he is up to no good.  Yep there he was sitting outside the bathroom on the carpet, lathering himself head to toe in an entire bottle of baby soap!

I rush him into the bathroom to get him in the tub before he makes a bigger mess or gets it in his eyes.  Somehow amidst slipping on soap that has dripped onto the floor and him slipping out of my hands, I manage to get the water running.  I go to take his clothes off, still trying not to anymore soap everywhere, and reach the final step: the diaper…I rip it off, not even thinking about what could be in there, and oh what a surprise!  It was just a tad messier than I had anticipated!  Now I’m trying to get the water the right temperature and get him in the tub, still slipping on soap and trying not to step in any poo while attempting to wipe his bottom and legs without getting more soap all over the place, when what happens next?  Oh, he starts PEEING all over the place!  WOW, now I have Soap, Poo, and Pee all over the floor, all over the boy, and all over me!  Yay!  It’s going to be a great day!

I finally got him cleaned off enough to get him into the tub and wash him off.  I got him dressed but he diced he wasn’t done being disgusting for the day…After brushing his teeth he used the Toilet to rinse his toothbrush!

And for all of you laughing out there…go ahead…it’s just a typical ‘Day in the Life!’


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