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Yesterday I posted about the gifts I put together for P2′s preschool teachers (click HERE to see them).  Since there are four teachers I wanted something cute but that did not cost too much.  We came up with Summer Survival Buckets and I can’t wait for him to give them out tomorrow!

For P1′s Kindergarten teacher I stuck with the same “Summer Survival” theme but on a slightly larger scale.

For this basket I used a straw tote I found in the Target dollar section ($2.50) and filled it with summer goodies.  I tried to include things you would want for a trip to the beach or the pool.

I added a magazine, candies, 100 calorie chocolate cookie snacks, a box of individual drink mixes, a beach towel ($6), to go cup ($4), and bottle of sunscreen and lip balm ($6 for both~I had coupons).  Just for fun I also added a beach ball :)

Tied off with a ribbon and thank you note it turned out really cute!

What do you get the teachers?

I’ve been racking my brain for the last couple of days on what to give the P’s teachers as an end of the year ‘Thank You’.  Especially P2′s preschool teachers….there are 4 of them!

I didn’t want to do a gift card because it just seems so impersonal, and of course I procrastinated (it’s my middle name) and didn’t have time to make or order anything cute and personalized with pictures.

I also didn’t want to do some wall picture or handprint art craft because lets be honest, does a teacher really keep all of those?!

I had remembered seeing on a blog somewhere (don’t ask me where because I honestly don’t know the link) a while ago, a mom had given her child’s teacher a beach towel, magazine, and bottle of sunscreen and tied them together with a ribbon.  I thought it was a great idea but I like to get a little more creative with my packaging….it can make even the most simple gifts look so much more thought out.  And, since P2 has four teachers it was going to get a little $$$ to buy each of them a beach towel and bottle of sunscreen.  So………

I found these adorable buckets in the dollar bin at Target and had an idea!  “Summer Survival” gifts for each of them!

In each bucket I included a travel size sun screen ($1), a vaseline lip balm ($1), a plastic water bottle ($1), a candy, a bag of 100 calorie cookie snacks, and a few individual drink mixes from snapple and crystal light.  Total I spent around $5 per gift and they were quick and easy to throw together.

We are doing something similar for P1′s Kindergarten teacher, but I’ll have to wait until after we give it to her on Thursday to post ;)

This will actually be the first year since I’ve been married that my husband will actually be home to spend Valentine’s day with us.  In the past 5 years, though, he has been gone and I have turned Valentine’s day into a hugely overdone ordeal for my P’s.  Although my husband will be home this year, the day is still all about the kiddos in my house! So here’s what we have planned…

The Attire

I made these adorable shirts for the kids to wear to school.  The best part, I had just about all the materials at home to make them and didn’t have to buy anything but the pink shirt for Peyton (which I found on clearance at Target) and the pink/red paint.

1.  Pixi’s Shirt:  Using a shirt she already had, a heart shaped doily, and some fabric paint this is what you get!  So cute!  Visit for full instructions.

2.  Miss P’s Shirt:  I used a different doily for hers that was slightly bigger and added some rhinestones.  That girl loves her bling!

3.  Hair Bows:  Valentine Korker bows from Too Tutu Cute

4.  Bubba’s Shirt:  For this shirt I used a plain white T-shirt (that we already had) and a heart stencil from Michael’s.  I added the googly eyes and used puff paint for the smile and arms.  He was very adamant about his shirt reading “Hug Bubba!”  It turned out great and totally fits his personality.

The Goodies

1.  Marshmallow Candies for Playgroup:  These are ridiculously easy!  I melted pink candy melts, and then dipped in large marshmallows and rolled them in sprinkles.  I put a couple in a cute Valentine’s bag and tied them off with curling ribbon.

2.  Oreo Truffles for the teachers:  Again, another super easy recipe.  But they were a little time consuming.  Combine one package of oreos (crushed) with one 8 oz package of cream cheese (softened).  Mix with an electric mixer until thoroughly combined.  Chill dough for about an hour.  Roll dough into 1″ balls and dip into melted chocolate (you can add your choice of sprinkles or leave them plain).  Refrigerate until hard.  I packaged them in these cute little containers found at Michael’s craft store.

The Class Valentine’s

1.  Preston’s Preschool Valentine’s

2. Peyton chose these pencils and erasers to give to her Kindergarten classmates

To see more Candy-free Valentine’s for kids click here.

The Scavenger Hunt tradition

Last year I hid the kids Valentine’s.  I cut out a bunch of paper hearts and wrote simple clues on them.  They had so much fun searching for their Valentine’s that Peyton asked me weeks ago “Mommy are we going to hunt for our Valentine’s again?”  Why yes you are!  Right after we eat our heart shaped pizza for dinner :)




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