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Our family has a first day of school tradtion that involves donuts but this year my daughter started Kindergarten and she is in the afternoon class.  That means she doesn’t go to school until 1150am.  With a lunch time start, getting up a little early and going to a donut shoppe didn’t make much sense so I asked her what special breakfast she would like me to make.  Pancakes! 

Pancakes are by far her favorite but they are such a dull food.  I asked if she’d like me to put chocolate chips in them…she said “no, just plain”.  Seriously?  who doesn’t like chocolate chips in their pancakes?  So to make them a little more fun for the first day of Kindergarten I decided to do “school shapes”.  We did numbers 1-2-3 and letters A-B-C and then she decided she’d like to see some shapes so we made a circle, square, and triangle.  To make the shapes I poured the batter into the pan (already hot and on medium heat) using a large spoon to draw them.  Then traced back over them where needed.

She loved them and ate the whole plate… 1-2 & 3!

If you have read my review of Boogie Wipes then you know that I love them!  They are so great to carry around for the littes ones or stick in your childs backpack for school.

Now, I’m here to tell you that they are searching for a child to be featured on the Boogie Wipes Canister.  Not just any child, they want someone whose ‘Snot Your Average Kid.  Has your Boogie Kid done something extroardinary?  Enter the Contest!

Boogie Wipes is looking for a child between the ages of 2-10 that has done something that has “possitively impacted family, friends, and comunity”.  Head over to the contest link and be prepared to write 100 words or less on why your child is ‘Snot Your Average Kid.  You will also need to upload a photo.  A Youtube video of your childs version of the story is helpful but not required to win.

Good Luck!






*All opinions in this post are solely my own.  I was not compensated in any way for this information.

When I heard mom’s from a neighboring school district talking about all the labeling they had to do for their Kindergartner I was astonished!  And quite thankful that there were NO school supply lists for our school, only donation requests per classroom.  I was hearing horror stories of carpel tunnel from labeling each individual crayon and pencil (yes, each crayon!  Not just the box!) with their child’s name.  Well parents, there is a better solution:  Mabel’s Labels!

You can purchase Label’s for lunches, labels for clothing, or the Ultimate Back to School combo to help get your child and all of their supplies ready for the school year.  Lost and Found will be a breeze with everything your child owns labeled with their name!  And for the allergy kids~  they have labels for that too!

For purpose of review, Mabels Labels sent us a combo pack to try out.  This included the bag tags, clothing labels, shoe labels, and the dishwasher/microwave safe labels for food containers.

I am pleasantly surprised that the label we put on P1′s Thermos has not come off through repeated washes in the dishwasher!

The bag tags are awesome, easy to attach to the zipper of the backpack like a key chain.  However, I think it would be a little bit easier to identify if it were a little bit larger.  On the lunch box shown here, it works, but gets lost on a larger backpack.

The labels are great for sports equipment too!  When you have a whole team with exactly the same uniforms it’s easy for things to get mixed up and lost. We put these shoe tags in her cheer shoes and used the clothing labels for her uniform.


*Disclaimer:  The opinions stated in this article are solely my own.  Mabel’s Labels sent me their product for the purpose of this review.

Christine over at Everyday Mama started a blog hop and I’ve jumped on the band wagon.  It took me forever to come up with this list but here it is.  My first post all about ME, not my kids!

25 Things You Don’t Know About Me (Although some of you probably do)…

  1. Turquoise (really more of a Tiffany Blue) is my happy color.  It’s all over my house.
  2. I save wine corks.  Just the real ones, not the synthetic kind.
  3. I have a really hard time making decisions.  I think that’s why my children’s names all start with the letter “P” and end with “TON”
  4. I LOVE coffee!  But I can’t brush my teeth before I drink my morning cup(s).  I think it tastes better.
  5. I’m a perfectionist.  Especially when it comes to planning things like special occasions.
  6. I go over board with Christmas decorations.  No really, we have two full sized trees and various small ones and last year I bought a third and had to return it because I didn’t have anywhere to put it.
  7. I love getting a good deal and won’t buy anything unless it’s at least 25% off.
  8. I am a black Friday shopper and pulled an all nighter with a friend a couple years ago.
  9. Last week my husband and I went to the movies together, without kids, for the first time in 6 years!
  10. I have traveled to Kuwait and Iraq but have never been in the military.
  11. In high school I lived off of  Cool Ranch Doritos, Peanut Butter M&Ms, and Pepsi.
  12. I LOVE sweets!  and literally crave chocolate.
  13. I could eat Pizza almost every day.
  14. I Cheered in the NFL
  15. My first car was a ’99 Chevy Z71.  I still have a thing for big trucks.
  16. I hate to run, it is an unacceptable form of excercise
  17. My favorite TV shows all involve crime solving.  I’m  a little obsessed with forensics.
  18. I like to make things that most people would buy…then I can have it exactly as I want it.
  19. I appeared on Lets’ Make a Deal, pregnant, and dressed as a Pea Pod
  20. I like to be busy.  And I focus better when I am.
  21. Someday I want to learn how to fly a helocopter
  22. I love Christmas music and can sing  just about every version of every song ever written.
  23. I hate socks.  They feel icky. When I was little I even cut the corners of the seams so they wouldn’t bug my toes.
  24. I bite my nails and I’ll never stop (sorry mom)
  25. I have long hair “just in case” but I wear it up 90% of the time.





So Morgan over at The Little Hen House is hosting a fun blog hop called I’m a Celebrity Look A Like! I love seeing similarities between REAL people and celebs so I thought I’d join in on the fun.

Ever since High School (over 10 years ago! YIKES!) and the Movie Varsity Blues I have been told I look like Ali Larter. Since she totally gorgeous of course I’ll go with that! But NO…I’ve never worn a whipped cream bikini! HA!~

I did not know what to expect going in for P2′s surgery on Wednesday.  We had to be at the hospital at 6am and taking him back is all kind of a blur.  My nerves were eased because the nurse that was with him was outstanding and so sweet.  He really took to her which made me feel so much better about the whole process.  When we went back she took him to find the stickers while the Doctor and the Anesthesiologist went over the procedures with me.  When all was said and done, he happily rode back on the bed with his bucket of stickers, blankie, and daddy doll, waving ‘bye bye’ to mama!  I am so proud of him for being so brave and independent.

He was only in the operating room for about an hour and the doctor came to talk to me immediately after.  He said that Bubba did GREAT and that both his adenoids and tonsils were VERY enlarged.  It was definitely the right decision to remove both.  I was so happy to hear that because the tonsils were kind of a “its up to you” procedure.  I didn’t want him to have to go in for surgery twice so we went ahead with the “trifecta”.

Post Op he was a little upset but quickly calmed down and spent most of day 1 sleeping.  He wanted me to hold him the whole time though, which was a little difficult.  He was up and around that night and was able to eat a little.

Day two has been the biggest challenge so far.  He woke up extremely swollen and in a lot of pain.  So much pain that he refused to take his pain medications for most of the day.  There was a lot of crying and a lot of mama holding him.  I finally forced him to take some meds around 5pm and he perked up almost instantaneously.  After that he ate two bowls of Mac n’ Cheese, drank most of a bottle of Gatorade and ate a couple of popsicles.

Today is day three and I think we are on the mend!  He woke up crying because he hurt but I got some Tylenol in him and he’s been so much better.  He downed 4 popsicles before 8am!  He has been talking more and doesn’t seem to be as swollen.  Here’s to hoping the worst is over and my baby boy will be fully recovered soon!

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