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As a fun activity we decided to make some homemade playdough.  Why the homemade kind with a few cookie cutters always holds their attention longer than the storebought sets I will never know, but the P’s loved this “Leprechaun” Playdough that sparkles!

We used this Playdough Recipe found on The Artful Parent.  I must warn, though, that this makes a HUGE batch.  We probably could’ve done with half the amount but most of Preston’s ended up on the floor so I was glad we had the extra :)

I made the whole batch Yellow and then while kneeding it I added the Green to half of it.  Once it’s kneeded out and cooled off a bit, add in the glitter.  We used silver and gold.  Throw a few cookie cutters, cups, and utensils out to use with it and you have a fun St. Patrick’s Day activity for the kids!



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