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Our family has a first day of school tradtion that involves donuts but this year my daughter started Kindergarten and she is in the afternoon class.  That means she doesn’t go to school until 1150am.  With a lunch time start, getting up a little early and going to a donut shoppe didn’t make much sense so I asked her what special breakfast she would like me to make.  Pancakes! 

Pancakes are by far her favorite but they are such a dull food.  I asked if she’d like me to put chocolate chips in them…she said “no, just plain”.  Seriously?  who doesn’t like chocolate chips in their pancakes?  So to make them a little more fun for the first day of Kindergarten I decided to do “school shapes”.  We did numbers 1-2-3 and letters A-B-C and then she decided she’d like to see some shapes so we made a circle, square, and triangle.  To make the shapes I poured the batter into the pan (already hot and on medium heat) using a large spoon to draw them.  Then traced back over them where needed.

She loved them and ate the whole plate… 1-2 & 3!

The first day of school can be filled with many emotions.  Mom’s breathe a sigh of relief, children are excited to see all of there friends, and teacher’s, well, they might be experiencing some anxiety :)   But there is one thing that can start the year off right.  A back to school tradition.

When I was growing up we would start each school year with our brand new clothes, shoes, backpacks, and school supplies but that isn’t all.  My mom would make that first day back something special by taking us out to get breakfast before dropping us off.  And not just any breakfast, Dough-nuts!

My sister’s and I would be all ready to go but not before making a stop at Wenchell’s (do they even have those anymore) and grabbing a delicious treat and milk.  And of course taking pictures!

Last year was my daughter’s first year of preschool.  I know, it’s just preschool, but we treated it as a big deal.  We got new clothes, and shoes, and a backpack and before sending my baby off, on that very first day, we stopped to have dough-nuts for breakfast!  It was so much fun to share such a simple tradition from my childhood with my daughter.  I only hope I create lasting memories for her as my mom did for me.

So what are your traditions?  Does your family do anything special for the first day of school?

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