If you are interested in having some Tutus and Tantrumns at your event, or need a review of your product please email me with your request and information on your company, product, or location.


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  • I tried leaving a comment under the two posts I read, but couldn’t quite figure out how … so, here I am in your contact me page …
    You are a woman of great courage and heart and determination. To be separated so long from your beloved, to be solely responsible for your babies and to do it all with such grace. Thank you ~ Patricia
    PS Happy SITS Day!

  • Seeking moms with newborns or still using diaperrash products. This is a fun new product. We just had our first review at http://www.twobearsfarm.com and will need many more to fuel our very grass roots marketing campaign. I’d be happy to send an sample and support a giveaway if you like it.

    Kind regards,

    Tom Nolan

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