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The Cheer Season is officially under way and this year, to kick it off we went old school with an Ice Cream Social!  Before Camp and Practice started I wanted the girls to get to know eachother and build cohesion from the start…and what makes little girls happier than some Ice Cream!

I set out a spread of Vanilla Ice Cream, waffle bowls, mini chocolate chips, rainbow sprinkles, whipping cream and chocolate and caramel toppings.  Bottled water and Honest Kids juice pouches to drink. The girls got all sugared up and I took the opportunity to go over the guidelines for the season with the parents.

I also took this time to give them a little gift:  A Cheer ‘Survival’ kit.  I bought inexpensive water bottles from Michaels and used puff paint to write their names and team on them.  Inside was a little bag containing extra hair ties, a small bottle of hair spray, and a few safety pins.  And of course, the cheerleader accessory of choice-a giant hair bow!

Looking forward to a great season!

This weekend we celebrated Peyton and Preston’s 6th and 4th Birthdays. I had big plans for a fun outdoor party at the park~just what my P’s had asked for~ but late Friday night,  a huge storm came through (complete with wind, rain, thunder and lightning~something very rare here in Southern California).   Down to the last minute we were preparing to hold the party in our house, but thankfully the storm passed early enough and we were able to host the party at the park as planned.  The kids had a blast and we are so lucky to have such great family and friends come to celebrate with us.

This year they were all about Super Heroes and Princesses~ so we came up with the theme “Capes and Castles”.  This gave me SO many fun ideas for activities, snacks, games, and favors…

The invitations were made by Jazzy Caps .  Her custom images are really affordable and her turnaround time is phenominal!  They were exactly what I was looking for.

I’m generally not a fan of the typical loot bags and instead try to do something that goes with the theme and acts as part of the party itself.  For this year’s Capes and Castles theme we passed out Super Hero Inital Capes for the Boys and Wands and Tiaras for the girls.  I was able to order the capes and tiaras online and used yellow, red, and blue felt to make the badges for the back of them (I have to give a shout out to my husband who cut out all the yellow diamond shapes for me!).  I also made the wands using plastic wand sticks, small flowers, and satin ribbon.

Refresments were simple; Pizza, Fruit, and Veggies.  Per Peyton’s request we served Princess Punch (Pink Lemonade) and Super Hero Fuel (Fruit Punch), along with bottled water as our beverages.

A craft table was available for the kids to complete their ensembles.  Beads for the Princess’ to make necklaces and foam masks for the Super Hero’s to decorate.

Our party game was “Pin the Tiara on Princess Peyton” and “Pin the Badge on Wunderkid”.  I used poster board to trace the outline of the P’s.  The Tiara was a stamp I found at Michael’s and the Badge was yellow card stock.  The kids had a great time playing this classic party game with a twist!

A tree at the edge of the park was the perfect setting for our “Royal Ball”.  We hung some pink paper flowers in the tree and set up a tub full of large colorful balls to play with.

The obstacle course ended up being less of a ‘course’ and more of a free for all.  They all had a great time stacking our large “Bricks” (red and blue wrapped boxes) to break through the ‘wall’, scooting through the tunnel, and dancing through the hula hoops.

Thank you to ALL of our family and friends that were able to come celebrate with us.  You really made this day special for my P’s!


***Looking for more Party ideas?  Check out our Football/Cheerleader theme, Earthday Garden Party, and Easter Birthday Bash***



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