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I am a Mother.  To three beautifully energetic, independent, happy children.

I am a Wife.  To an amazing husband and father.  I devote myself to him and to his Corps.

I am a Friend.  To wonderful people all over the country that I have had the pirvelage of knowing.

I am a Daughter and Sister.  To my best of friends.

These are the words that Describe me but they do not Define me.  Many women hold these titles, but the difference is what we choose to do with them.  Our actions and effort towards these titles that describe us are what define our true selves.

The biggest roles that I play in this world are Wife and Mother.  This is what makes up the core of my being.  I am a perfecitonist, often to a fault, but in many cases I believe it drives me to be the best of who I am for everyone.  Do I fail?  of course.  Nobody is perfect.  But, what makes the diffenece is the time that you have tried and whether or not you will continue to try after failure.  I love what Thomas Edison said; “I have not failed, I’ve just found 10,000 ways that will not work“.  So much of that applies to motherhood and marriage.  Both of which are life long journeys with people growing and changing.  The effort we put in and how we manage ourselves after failure it what determines the outcome.

As a military wife I am faced with a whole new version of the word ‘Wife‘.   They weren’t joking when someone said “If the Marine Corps wanted you to have a wife they would’ve issued you one“.  As wives, our needs are often set aside and we have to be able to deal with that.  Just as the military is not just a job but a way of life, I am not just married to my husband I am married to the Corps.  He follows orders and I follow him, supporting the whole way.  I am a lover and a friend to my husband.  Together we go through life and together we raise our children.  It means long days and nights without him, sudden changes in our ’plan’ and when he leaves I am left here to wait.   I am here to take over and continue our lives with him in the distance.  Keeping him in my heart the whole time and waiting for him to come home so that we can pick up right where we left off.  It is not a life of sacrifice, although sometimes hard, it is a life of pride.  No matter where life leads us I will be here to be the person he laughs with and shares his frustrations with.  The person he can be himself with.  I am his wife and his home.

As a Mother I am a caregiver, a friend, a teacher, a confidant, a disciplinarian.  I am a shoulder to cry on, and a hand to hold.  I don’t like to put limitations on myself with the label of ”mom“.  I devote myself to raising them.  To teaching them and encouraging them to Do and Be better.  I want to show them the world and give them experiences and memories that will last a lifetime.  I want them to grow up to not just be adults but to be responsible, respectful, happy and successful.  I want them to contribute to society and not just take from it.  It is my job and my duty to give them the tools to be able to do this.  So I try, and I try again.  And when I fail I will certainly do my best to make up for it. Their futures lie in my hands and as much as I’d like to I cannot hold them forever.  I can just take the time to be with them now, teach them all that I know, and show them all the love that is in my heart.

These are the words that Define ME…that make me who I am.  Nothing else.  I am not just a mom or just a wife.  Those are simply words that give me the inspiration to do all that I do.



This morning when I was getting my daughter ready for school she requested a “Tangled” braid.  We did 3 braids total.  With her hair parted just to the side (her natural part) I braided two small ‘half’ braids.  I then gathered the two small braids in the back together with the rest of her hair and did one long braid down her back.  We decorated with flower clips that are part of my hair accessory line from Too Tutu Cute.


Yes, this mom of three, who hasn’t thought about herself before anyone in a LONG time, is celebrating her very own day.  ME!  MOI!  MINE MINE MINE MINE MINE! (okay, I’ll stop now)

Yes, it is MY day.  My day to be featured by one of THE most fabulous group devoted to female bloggers.  It’s my SITS day! 

What you ask?  SITS!  The Secret is in Support!  A group of THOUSANDS of femail bloggers all supporting one another.  How awesome is that?!  Now…GO CHECK THEM OUT!

For Women

AND, for all of you that have come on over to visit little ol’ me from SITS, I am truly honored! 

I began blogging over two years ago (yikes! where does time go?) and almost simultaniously found The SITS girls.  They really opened my eyes to the world of blogging and gave me the confidence to continue writing and sharing my experiences.  Needless to say, I was so surprise and super excited when I finally got the email saying that it was my turn!

WELCOME!  and thank you for coming over to check out my little piece of the World Wide Web…I hope you’re wearing your Tutu!


I just can’t get away from it…one more post of my baby girl going off to Kindergarten.  Last one I promise.  She picked out her outfit herself.

To read more about her first day check out:

Okay, I know the P’s Birthday was in April but I figured this post is just in time for Football Season.  If you have any Football/Cheerleader fans in the house you may want to read on :)

P1 and P2 have Birthdays just weeks apart and after throwing a huge Easter Birthday Bash followed by an Earthday Birthday Party two weeks later last year, I decided to have a double birthday party for them this year.  Being only two years apart they have most of the same friends anyway.  The tricky part was coming up with a theme that they would both be happy with.  We decided on a Football/Cheerleader theme and chose the color RED for their favorite team, the AZ Cardinals.

I outfitted P2 with a RED football Jersey from and had his name and age put on the back by a local screen printing shop.  P1 got her very own RED Cheerleading uniform from


The Balloon Arch was made by my Mom and I and really gave the party that Homecoming Football game feel. 

I ordered the Football toss game pictured above and Party Favors from Oriental Trading Company.  I loved the personalized megaphones that say “Happy Birthday Peyton and Preston.”

Each child took home a Megaphone, Pom pom, and a mini football (these I found at the Dollar Tree.)

I used extra megaphones, along with Pom poms we had here, as decorations throughout the house.

For entrtainment we had the Football Toss pictured above and I bought lots of outdoor toys like balls, jumpropes and hoolahoops.  I covered the back patio table with white paper for the kids to color.

We had the sand box out filled with tiny treasures hidden in it.

The football pinata ( which I always try to fill with more trinkets than candy) was from Party City.  And almost impossible to break!

The cake we ordered from Vons and was a simple Football Field design with their names on it.

And a youth football game isn’t complete without a Breakthrough, so before singing happy birthday and cutting the cake they all lined up and tore through the paper.

When the day was over I had two very tired and happy P’s.  They LOVED their football birthday party.

Our family has a first day of school tradtion that involves donuts but this year my daughter started Kindergarten and she is in the afternoon class.  That means she doesn’t go to school until 1150am.  With a lunch time start, getting up a little early and going to a donut shoppe didn’t make much sense so I asked her what special breakfast she would like me to make.  Pancakes! 

Pancakes are by far her favorite but they are such a dull food.  I asked if she’d like me to put chocolate chips in them…she said “no, just plain”.  Seriously?  who doesn’t like chocolate chips in their pancakes?  So to make them a little more fun for the first day of Kindergarten I decided to do “school shapes”.  We did numbers 1-2-3 and letters A-B-C and then she decided she’d like to see some shapes so we made a circle, square, and triangle.  To make the shapes I poured the batter into the pan (already hot and on medium heat) using a large spoon to draw them.  Then traced back over them where needed.

She loved them and ate the whole plate… 1-2 & 3!

If you have read my review of Boogie Wipes then you know that I love them!  They are so great to carry around for the littes ones or stick in your childs backpack for school.

Now, I’m here to tell you that they are searching for a child to be featured on the Boogie Wipes Canister.  Not just any child, they want someone whose ‘Snot Your Average Kid.  Has your Boogie Kid done something extroardinary?  Enter the Contest!

Boogie Wipes is looking for a child between the ages of 2-10 that has done something that has “possitively impacted family, friends, and comunity”.  Head over to the contest link and be prepared to write 100 words or less on why your child is ‘Snot Your Average Kid.  You will also need to upload a photo.  A Youtube video of your childs version of the story is helpful but not required to win.

Good Luck!






*All opinions in this post are solely my own.  I was not compensated in any way for this information.

Well I sent her off, with NO tears!  And I’m talking about from me, I knew she would be fine.  My baby girl is officially a Kindergartener and she couldn’t be happier.  Can’t wait to find out how her first day of school was!


And since I’m one of THOSE moms, I got video too.


Today I send my baby, my first born, off to Kindergarten.  I will take pictures and gush over how adorable she looks in her Hello Kitty T-shirt and pink Princess backpack.  I will kiss her goodbye and her journey will start.

But this is not JUST the first day of Kindergarten.  This is the first day of her educational career.  Starting today she will say goodbye every morning Monday through Friday and head off to her classroom.  During the summers I will get my time, but she will miss her friends.  She will attend Kindergarten, Elementary School, Middle School, and High School finally leaving us for College.

Today starts her journey to learning and growing.  This is the day that her life, and ours are changed forever. 

I know I often overthink things but now when you see me wiping away tears as I send her in to her little classroom you will know why.

*I love you Peyton.  You are such a strong and beautiful girl.  I wish you the best today and know you’ll succeed far past anyone’s expectations*

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