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One of the items we added to our Summer Bucket List a little late was to “Go to the Farmers Market”.  Last Sunday, that is exactly what we did!  I have to say, the North San Diego Farmers Market was a little smaller than I had hoped.  It is really somewhere you could just swing by and pick up your produce for the week not really a “make a day of it” kind of market.  But, it is located on a historic farmstead (which just happens to be dirctly behind a golf center~oh today’s world) and you can tour the farmhouse.  It was 90* last Sunday so we didn’t, but I’d like to go back  and check it out!

The P’s LOVE fruit especially berries so they were happy with their purchases of Strawberries and a Berry/Eugenia mix.

The only other fruit we found there last week was citrus so we didn’t buy any.  The woman there informed us that they are very local farmers (San Diego County only, unlike bigger markets that bring in produce from all over SoCal) and that each week varies.  She assured me that this week there would be plums and other stone fruits.

Want to visit?

The North San Diego Farmers Market is open on Sundays from 11-4pm at the Sikes Adobe Farmstead 12655 Sunset Drive, Escondido, CA 92025.  They do accept credit/debit cards but you must get “Market Money” from the booth at the front and there is a $1 charge for every $20 you get from them.  In my opinion it’s better just to bring some cash.

If you are looking for a Farmer’s Market in your area check out: Eat Local Grown for a map of local gowers and Farmers Markets

Looking for something other than a cup of coffee for you afternoon pick-me-up?  You may want to try a Vanilla Green Tea “Latte”  made from home!

Mix 1/2-1 tsp sugar and 1/2 tsp Vanilla extract into 8 oz of Hot Green Tea.

Add 1-2 oz. Hot Milk.



As the mom of three small children, (ages 1, 3, and 5) I have very little time to clean and organize my house.  Add to that owning an online boutique, and a Non-Profit, and volunteering in various military and school programs, I REALLY have NO time.  Any extra time that I do have I want to be spending with my children, not scrubbing the house.  Between school, work,and sports, I’m sure you can all relate.  But, a cluttered house that needs to be cleaned just adds to the craziness and I can’t have that!

These are my top tips for keeping the clean even with little ones and a busy schedule.

1.  Have  a Cleaning Schedule:  Now, like any thing else, you have to find what works for you.  Something that fits into your already busy life.  I suggest heading over to Clean Mama where not only can you find her schedule (which is the basis for what I use) but you can also visit her etsy shop for printables.  She has everything you need to keep you on pace from Cleaning kits to chore charts (which I also use)!  There are few things on the schedule that I switched around or I do more than once a week, like vacumming because of the crumb monsters, but overall this keeps my house in check so that it does not get out of control.

2.  Controlled Clutter:  One of my favorite ways to keep the clutter under control is Baskets.  They look pretty and you can just toss everything in.




2.  A load a day keeps the monster away:  The laundry monster that is.  We’ve all been there, the day that you realize there are no clean socks because they are all in the dirty clothes hampers.  Then you spend all day washing, drying, and folding and the laundry monster takes over your house!  It’s on the couches, the beds, the dining room table, and since you’ve spent all day washing you have no time left to put it away.  To solve the problem, just do one (or two) loads a day, fold it immediately and put it away.  It takes some forcing but I try and make it a point to put a load in as soon as I wake up in the morning.  It helps cut down on the amount of dirty laundry and the clean laundry that piles up in unwanted places.

4.  The Laundry Basket Round-Up:  To get out of place items picked up quickly, I like this method.  Grab a laudry basket and go from room to room putting anything that doesn’t belong there into the basket.  Continue around the house until everything in the basket is put away.  My house is two story so I start on the bottom floor gathering everything there and then head upstairs.  I put everything away and then grab anything up stairs that needs to go down and finish up.  This cuts down on the amount of time it takes to put it all in it’s place and cuts down on the number of trips you make up and down or back and forth.

5.  Clorox Wipes:  Keep a can of disinfecting wipes in every bathroom.  At any time you can easily wipe down the counter top or sink.  My kids are famous for smearing soap on the counters or leaving toothpaste in the sink.  This way I can quickly and efficiently keep the bathrooms up inbetween my weekly cleaning.


This weekend is the Scrimmage and Carnival for the football team that my daughter cheers for.  It is her first Cheering experience ever!  I am so excited but beyond that I am the designated snack mom for that day.  Being the former cheerleader that I am, I think  everything is better with some Cheery decorations added to it!  I made these waterbottles for the girls to go with their after-game snack of apples and grapes.



To make your own personalized waterbottles you will need:

  • Bottles of Water
  • White or Colored paper
  • Glue stick
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Markers
  • Curling Ribbon


  • Carefully remove one of the labels on the bottles of water so that it keeps the shape. (remove the rest but you do not need to be careful) This will be your template.
  • Trace the label onto your paper and cut out new labels.
  • Decorate the labels with team name or words of encouragement
  • Turn label over and mark a line of glue on one end.
  • Wrap new label around the bottle of water and hold in place.
  • Add some curling ribbon around the top of the water bottle.

These are great for parties also!  Decorate to match the theme.


I did not know what to expect going in for P2′s surgery on Wednesday.  We had to be at the hospital at 6am and taking him back is all kind of a blur.  My nerves were eased because the nurse that was with him was outstanding and so sweet.  He really took to her which made me feel so much better about the whole process.  When we went back she took him to find the stickers while the Doctor and the Anesthesiologist went over the procedures with me.  When all was said and done, he happily rode back on the bed with his bucket of stickers, blankie, and daddy doll, waving ‘bye bye’ to mama!  I am so proud of him for being so brave and independent.

He was only in the operating room for about an hour and the doctor came to talk to me immediately after.  He said that Bubba did GREAT and that both his adenoids and tonsils were VERY enlarged.  It was definitely the right decision to remove both.  I was so happy to hear that because the tonsils were kind of a “its up to you” procedure.  I didn’t want him to have to go in for surgery twice so we went ahead with the “trifecta”.

Post Op he was a little upset but quickly calmed down and spent most of day 1 sleeping.  He wanted me to hold him the whole time though, which was a little difficult.  He was up and around that night and was able to eat a little.

Day two has been the biggest challenge so far.  He woke up extremely swollen and in a lot of pain.  So much pain that he refused to take his pain medications for most of the day.  There was a lot of crying and a lot of mama holding him.  I finally forced him to take some meds around 5pm and he perked up almost instantaneously.  After that he ate two bowls of Mac n’ Cheese, drank most of a bottle of Gatorade and ate a couple of popsicles.

Today is day three and I think we are on the mend!  He woke up crying because he hurt but I got some Tylenol in him and he’s been so much better.  He downed 4 popsicles before 8am!  He has been talking more and doesn’t seem to be as swollen.  Here’s to hoping the worst is over and my baby boy will be fully recovered soon!

Entering the ER on January 21st, and leaving with my son’s diagnosis of pneumonia and double ear infections, I had no idea that two and half months down the road he would be preparing for surgery. 

Ear infections are nothing new to my son (or to my family for that matter) but they have always cleared up with a round of antibiotics and he’s been fine.  This time was different.  Every time he finished an antibiotic his fever would come back a day later.  It seemed the antibiotics were surpressing the infection but were not getting rid of it.  Finally, over a month later and 4 rounds of anitbiotics (amoxicillan, augmenten, zythromax, and finally Omnicef) the ear infections were gone but fluid persists.

We went to audiology and ENT and found that the fluid in his ears is effecting his hearing and it is abnormal that the fluid has persisted this long.  They recommended T-tubes for him since his ears are obviously not draining properly.  They also recommended adenoid removal to cut down on his mucus secretion, and also causes the mouth breathing and snoring.  Lastly, they looked at his tonsils and immediately asked if he has sleep apnea!  I had never even considered it but it would definitely explain the fact that he wakes up crying and someitmes couging on a nightly basis.  Aparently his tonsils are very large and most likely restricting his breathing at night, especially coupled with the enlarged adenoids and the congestion.

After all that, of course they said that the surgeries were up to me and I now had to decide what to do.  After talking it over with my husband and my mother and hearing from several friends who have had children go through the same thing, we have decided that we are going ahead with all three procedures.  T-tubes, tonsilectomy, and adenoidectomy.  I could’ve chosed to wait on the tonsils but then ran the risk of him having to have surgery a second time to do the tonsilectomy down the road.

Yesterday was his pre-op appointment and he is all set for surgery tomorrow!  I am a little nervous.  In part because he is my baby, just turned three on Sunday, and the other part because he has to go under anesthesia.  I’m 28 years old and I’ve never been put under, heck aside from having my children I’ve never even been in a hospital.  It’s always scary when your children have to go through something and you don’t know how to relate. I know it’s a pretty routine procedure but I’m still worried because I’m his mama and that’s what mama’s do.   As scary as it is, though, I know it needs to be done.  He will be so much happier when it is all over.

Last week the P’s and I attended a private lunch with the SDMOMfia at the new Souplantation Express, to try out the menu.  The Souplantation Express opened on January 17th and is located in Bressi Ranch at 2681 Gateway Rd., Carlsbad, Ca.  The restaurant offers the same fresh fare as a traditional Souplantation but fast!  As a mommy of three this is where they hooked me…Fast, Fresh, Food!  Does it get any better?

The Souplantaion Express offers a variety of prepared signature salads and soups but you may also build your own salad choosing from an array of fresh ingredients.  They also offer kids meals that are a great healthy alternative to most restaurants and fast food places.  The kids meal includes any five items and it doesn’t have to be salad.  P1 had some of the wonton salad and also chose edamame, mushrooms, and mandarin oranges with a small cup of macaroni and cheese on the side.  P2, who won’t go near a salad or anything healthy, loved his lunch of grapes, edamame, mandarin oranges, and dried cranberries.  Of course he had the macaroni and cheese also (which, by the way, is not something out of a box)!  I enjoyed the Wonton Salad, one of their prepared signature salads and added grilled chicken, mandarin oranges, and edamame. 

You can order to go or there is seating inside.  But with the wonderful Southern California weather you will probably choose to eat on the patio!

The improvements are minimal and I’m a little bit discouraged but I also missed a couple of workouts during the last 2 weeks.  I guess I should be happy that there are improvements at all!  Now, I just need to step it up and work harder…

To see my results from Fit Test #1 go here.

Fit Test #2:

  • Switch Kicks 69 (must have been doing these wrong week 1)
  • Power Jacks 44
  • Power Knees 84
  • Power Jumps 27
  • Globe Jumps 9
  • Suicide Jumps 13
  • Push-up Jacks 18
  • Low plank obliques 50


  • Waist 29.5 (lost half an inch!)
  • Hips 39 (lost 1/4 inch)
  • Thighs 20.75 (lost 1/4 inch)
  • Total lost:  1 inch

I have made a New Years Resolution!  Yes me, the girl who procrastinates on EVERYTHING and gets easily side tracked…I have made a resolution.  I am determined to get my Pre-baby(s) body back.  Before I became a mommy I was a half-top and short-skirt wearing, pom-pon shaking cheerleader and not that I ever want to wear that again,  I do want to have the confidence to.  But most of all, I want to be able to conquer the world, or at least my children. If I can get back into the kind of shape that I was in 5 years ago, I can do that!

So, what’s going to help me on this journey?  Well, since there is no way I’d make it to the gym everyday toting the 3 P’s, I have decided to put myself through the horrific Insanity Program.  It is a 10 week work-out regime on DVD.  The 10 weeks consist of an all out heart pumping, body drenching, wanna puke and pass out work out 6 days a week. 

I started last Monday. Every two weeks throughout the program you do a “Fit-Test” and I plan on logging it and sharing with all of you.  Along with the Fit-Test I also took measurements to track my progress.  Here are the Stats for Week 1 (oh my gosh, I can’t believe I’m about to put evidence in print!):


Fit Test:

  • Switch Kicks: 83
  • Power Jacks: 40
  • Power Knees: 80
  • Power Jumps: 25
  • Globe Jumps: 6
  • Suicide Jumps: 12
  • Push-up Jacks: 14
  • Low plank obliques: 47


  • Waist: 30 inches
  • Hips: 39 1/4 inches
  • Thighs: 21 Inches


* Photo from

In my family we have a line of women that is running strong…five generations strong!  This past November I took a trip with the P’s to Northern California to introduce the littlest to that line of Amazing Women!


Me and My Girls

 (the Daughters and theMama: born in 1982, 2006, 2010)


 (The Grandmother: born in 1961)


(the Great Grandmother: born in 1934)


(the Great Great Grandmother: born in 1917)

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