So this is me, and my three P’s in a pod…Peyton, Preston, and Paxton!  I am a Military Wife and a stay at home mommy to my three little P’s.  A typical day in the pod is spent teaching and encouraging my babies as well as taking on all traditional roles of a Homemaker.  When I’m not out shuttling around to preschool, playdates, dance class, and swimming lessons I’m checking out local venues for educational entertainment and creating craft projects for great one on one time at home.  Anything to keep the VERY active P’s busy and constructive!  I am a volunteer addict and work with many organizations to include the Marine Corp Unit Family Readiness Program, L.I.N.K.S., Youth Sports, and I recently start my own Nonprofit The Yellow Ribbon Project.  Follow my search for fun, alternative ways to captivate those little minds all while dealing with the extra tribulations brought on by military life!

And you can’t forget about P-daddy…OUR Marine!  Not usually around for our adventures because of his hectic work schedule but always in our hearts, none the less!

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