The other day I’m making dinner and the P’s are watching a cartoon while they wait.  I’m going about my business in the kitchen when I hear “Doggy Did What Doggies Doo!” come from the TV.  I look over to see this comercial from The Doggie Doo Game:


I literally said out loud “oh you have got to be kidding me!”  So I looked it up.

The game is this; you feed the dog, you walk the dog, the dog poops!  When the dog poops you clean it up and the first person with three pieces of poo on his shovel, wins.

Oh, and the rules state “You can only pick up the dog’s mess when it has fallen on the table. When it is hanging outside the end of the dog, just tap him on the back until it drops”  I see.  So just so the kids know, never pull poop out of a dogs butt!

I have a three year old son who would find this just hilarious.  The problem?  I spend my days trying to convince him that poop, pee, and farting noises are NOT funny.

I would really like to know how business is going for them.  Tell me, would you buy this game for your kids?


2 Responses to “The Doggy Doo Game~ Is this for real?!”

  • ha! Ya Tiffany I thought of the “teaching” aspect too…but in the end I just see Preston either 1. walking the dog around to ‘poop’ on things or 2. chasing his sisters around the house with plastic pieces of Doggie Doo! LOL

  • Tiffany:

    Okay….now as a mother of a boy, I think it’s funny.
    Not sure if I would buy it or not (because my boy will be 21 in 2 weeks) but, I can say that it may be a good learning tool for a parent that is considering getting a dog for their child. A lot of kids that want pets promise to clean up after them, feed them, etc. but never follow thru. Maybe this could be used as a tool to see if kids are ready for a pet????

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