A Halloween decoration that is super easy to make and under $10?

Yes! This centerpiece took about 10 min. to put together. You do have to wait for the paint to dry but that didn’t take very long either.

You will need:

  1. Tree branches (free!  I cut some from the tree in my front yard)
  2. black spray paint ($2.99 I bought a small ‘short cuts’ can)
  3. Glittered paint ($1.99)
  4. Cylinder Vase($1 from The Dollar Tree)
  5. Bag of Candy Corn (about $2)


To make:

Cut the tree branches and arrange in the vase to make sure you like how they look.  Trim them as necessary.

Arrange the branches on old newspaper, OUTSIDE.  Spray them with the black spray paint.

When spray paint is dry, brush on the glitter paint using  a sponge brush.  When the branches are dry arrange them in the vase and pour in the candy corn.

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