So before I say anything I just have to put this out there.  Does this stuff really only happen to me?  I swear I need a camera crew and my own reality TV show!

We went down to the Naval Hospital for P3′s 4 month check up tonight.  The doctor was running late, big surprise there, which put us over into dinner time.  The P’s were tired and hungry so I decided to treat them to Happy Meals.  There is a McDonald’s located in the basement of the hospital.

I just got a new double stroller so I had it with us.  It might be gigantic but it makes things a lot easier when toting around 3 p’s.  By the time we finished up with the appointment P1 was crying that she was tired and wanted to ride in the stroller and P2 was crying that he didn’t want to ride in the stroller and wanted to walk.  So naturally, I appeased everyone by putting P3 in her car seat and snapping it in to one side and P1 in the seat next to her and I let P2 walk next to me after finally getting it through his head that HE would NOT be pushing the stroller.

We headed out of the building and towards the set of four elevators in the middle of the courtyard, so that we could get to the McDonald’s in the basement.  About 15 feet from the elevators one of the doors opened and P2 made a beeline…he went in and the doors closed behind him!  I was in shock.  The woman next to me said I’ll go up in the this one and got in another one.  Meanwhile I’m still in shock.  A third elevator door opened and I get in with the two girls in the stroller.  There is another man and a Corpsman in it and all I can say is “my son!  my son got in the elevator and the doors closed!”  One of them looked at me and asked, “how old is he?”  I replied “almost 3!”  Immediately the man jumps out of the elevator and gets into another one and the Corpsman says “I’ll take the stairs!”  and bolts for the door.

By this time we can hear P2 screaming but can’t tell which floor he’s on.  All of us are peeping our heads out at every floor looking a lot like that game where you bop the moles on the head with that big mallet when they pop their heads up.  You know what I’m talking about?  Anyway, At one of my stops a man on the 4th floor yells “he’s up here!”  So we all head back into our elevators to get up there. I get to what I think is the third floor when my door opens and I hear the Corpsman yell “I’ve got him!”  My door closes and I’m heading back down, or up…I really don’t know at that point.

At my next stop the door opens and I see the elevator across from me is opening too.  There is the Corpsman holding my Bubba by the hand!  Mother’s instinct:  I run out of the elevator to get my little boy!  Guess what?!  The door closes behind me with my girls still in it in the stroller!!!!!!!!

Here we go again!  And of course we have no idea if they are going up or down but I can hear Peyton screaming “mommy!”  The Corpsman starts running up the stairs and I start running down the stairs while carrying P2.  Stopping on every floor to see if a door has opened.  I get to the bottom and there is a man and a woman (giving me VERY dirty looks) standing there with the stroller with the girls in it.  Finally we were all out of the elevators and were on ground level.

Needless to say, we decided to get in the car and just go through a drive through!

7 Responses to “An Elevator Ride the P’s will NEVER forget!”

  • ha ha, Connie it’s just another day in the life. Bubba is crazy and you never know what is going to happen next. He’s been talking about it a lot though so I do think it scared the crap out of him and he won’t do it again!

  • LOL, Theresa thanks for making me feel like less of a bad mom. I’m glad that someone else out there has been through it :)

  • This really is when you wish it were on video – what a nightmare that must have been but your retelling is so funny! I can just see all the heads popping out and back in… Visiting from SITS

  • Connie:

    Rachael, I can’t believe this! I am so sorry and I am glad your all ok. I couldn’t imagine the shock you were in as the babies left in the elevator. I would of totally freaked out. Do you think P2 learned a lesson? All I can think of is P1 and P3′s thoughts when the doors closed on them, poor lil babies. I really hope nothing else happens to you, you are such a great momma and it sounds like it’s time for a break. Good Luck!

  • Niah Henry:

    yup…you need a camera crew. :) LOVE IT!

  • Megan:

    This is my worst nightmare with Dain. He’s always so quick to get on. Glad you are all okay!

  • Last Christmas, after Ellie had just turned 3 she too took an Elevator ride on her own. I stepped out of the elevator and she didn’t follow behind. Up 7 floors and then back down again, screaming the whole way. She still talks about it to this day.

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