By now I think we have ALL hear of the Silly Bandz craze and just about every $4.95 for a 24 pack

one of our children have jumped on the Silly Bandz band wagon….My 4 year old daughter included. Yes, my 4 year old! I was hoping to get away from this trend since no one in her preschool had them but, alas, one of her best friends in VA was our next door neighbor and he was a big kid…Kindergarten to be exact! She immediately fell in love when he came home and gave her some sort of a purple princesses stretchy thing to put on her wrist and has been asking for them ever since!

So we all know what they are, that the kids love them, that they trade them with their friends and they’re ‘LIKE THE COOLEST THING EVER!’…but did you also know they can be used as a parenting tool?

Yes, a parenting tool! Throwout the stickers, charts, and treasure boxes…we’ve found a new REWARD SYSTEM!

Yesterday, I finally broke down and bought a pack of these crazy rubber bands and brought them home for Miss P.   But, there was a catch! After I let her oooh, and aaaah over all the really cool shapes and prance around with them happily on her wrist I explained the rules.

I told her that those were her Silly Bandz and she could keep ALL of them….but….on the condition that she did not break any rules. If she breaks a rule I take away one silly band. I also told her that she can earn them back, and more (because apparently you have to have them strung halfway up both arms in order to look cool).

These are someone the things she may get one taken away for:
1. whining-this is a big problem in our house lately
2. not cleaning up her toys
3. talking back-she likes to negotiate just how many chores she’s going to do and when she’s going to do them
3. fighting/not sharing with her brother.

*she gets one warning for each offense and then OFF WITH THE SILLY BANDZ!

Some ways she can earn them back:
1. doing all of her chores for the day/not whining about it
2. doing something extra to help someone

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