Peyton came to me yesterday with some huge grand ideas about New Years Eve.  Okay so the girl is a few months shy of 4 yrs. old so how does she even know about New Years celebrations?!  Anyways she was asking for all her friends to come over for the ‘Happy New Year’ which is obviously not going to happen…instead I decided to let her make some New Years noise makers and confetti poppers!

She also informed me that on “Happy New Year”  you have to eat cookies that look like clocks (according to ‘Max and Ruby’) but I will save that for tomorrow’s post! :)

First We Made some confetti.  Super easy and keeps little hands entertained for a very long time!  For this, you will need:

You can use any color paper, scraps or whole.  Just layer the paper and punch lots and lots of holes with the hole punch.  Gather the small circles as you go into a bowl.

If their little hands get tired, like Peyton’s did, let them cut with scissors instead.  The smaller the pieces, the better.

When you are done, place some confetti  in a balloon and then blow it up.  The kids can pop the balloons to release the confetti on New Years Eve!  How fun! And if your little munchkins are anything like my P’s…the LOVE to pop balloons!

Water Bottle Noise Makers

You will need:   plastic water bottles, beans or beads, ribbon, glitter, stickers, etc.

Start by drying out the water bottles.  Place a few beads in each bottle and put the lid back on.  You may want to glue the lid into place.  Next, decorate the bottles.  We used whatever we had in the craft closet.  Peyton chose to paint them with glitter glue and then used a basic elmer’s glue to attach some jewels that we had.  Let them dry and then glue curling ribbon to the top of the bottles for a streamer effect.  I used a hot glue gun to make it easy.

These were fun, easy, and best of all, we used stuff we already had in the closet to make them!  Happy New Year!

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