4 Week Countdown to Baby. The To Do List.

baby to do list

I can’t believe that Baby Girl Seid is going to be here in 4 short weeks!  Yes I am totally freaking out, which means it’s time to bust out the list of all baby list.  The prepping for baby checklist.  I’ve done this a couple other times, so I already know  what’s on my countdown [...]

Week 2 – Journaling Prompt for Young Kids


Welcome back for week 2!  How did week 1 go?  Did it give you any insight into what your child is thinking? I learned that though Ellie can be really in touch with some of her feelings, she still has very simple thoughts as well.  For example, one of the things she liked about  herself [...]

Petunia Pickle Bottom proves that diaper bags can be stylish!

Petunia Pickle Bottom

One of the worst pieces of advice I’ve heard given to soon to be Mom’s is “Go out and get a low maintenance hair style.” Wait, what?  No no no!!!  You do not have to give up on style when you become a Mom! The diaper bag you’re carrying can become a fashion accessory.  You [...]

If I had to do a baby registry all over again…


The first time I created a baby registry, I had no idea where to begin.  I put the most ridiculous things on there – like toys that Ellie wouldn’t use for years.  I missed putting blankets, wipes, bottles and pretty much all of the important everyday items on there.  Toddler toys are cute, but they [...]

Journaling Prompts for Elementary and Tween Girls


Seven has been a hard age not only for Mommy and Daddy, but for Ellie too.  What was cute, funny and endearing at 4 and 5 can be annoying and inappropriate at 7.  Let’s face it, kids hit a certain age and the baby cuteness wears off.  It can be hard for a 7 year [...]