FRONT Loading Washer/Dryers??? What is a girl to do?

Hey Ladies, I don’t know about anyone else, but I am finally ready to take the plunge and upgrade to a more water efficient, front loading washer and dryer. I’ve looked at some reviews, but really, i have no idea which one is the best. Or the best in its class. Does anyone have some [...]

“Year of the Tiger” Over-Planning Pregnancy Revisited…


Hi Ladies, My obsession with Year of the Tiger babies got worse when I discover parent/child astrology two months ago.  This is the worst thing to happen to indecisive people since splitting pizza toppings or swirl options at the yogurt shop!  Anyways, I got sucked into an astrology site that basically told the astrological break [...]

My One Year Anniversary is Here! Etiquette woes or Bridezilla flashbacks?


Something has been bothering me for almost one year.  Can you guess what it is?  I bet you can.  Its wedding gift etiquette.  After I got married there were a small handful of people that all went out of their way to contact me and  ask for my address.  They all said, “I have something [...]

We can’t Be “SuperWomen” all the time, can we?

Sometimes the best thing you can is order a pizza, rest with your loved ones and call it a day. And on that said day, I think all of you moms should give yourself a pat on the back for being so super, you still managed to pick up the phone and place the order. [...]

Getting In-Depth Genetic Testing, Easier than parking your car!!!!!!!!!!

genetic test

I was finally cleared by the insurance company to get genetic testing to try and be a stem cell donor! It was the easiest thing I have ever done. Frankly, it took longer to park the car and walk inside. No joke! It was awesome and so efficient! I had been in a position of [...]


Hi Everyone, I have appreciated all your comments and efforts so much! Words really cannot express how much it means. I wanted to let everyone know, that if you leave the credit card portion blank at the registration, they still send you a test kit! its actually FREE to become a donor. And hey, [...]


Hi Everyone; My new journey to get informed on the truth and myths about donating bone marrow and cord blood has left me more confused than ever. Today, I spoke to a bone marrow representative from the hospital and she told me that cord blood is only good if used for the direct family. Say [...]

DONATING YOUR CORD BLOOD or BONE MARROW. It’s easier than you think!

Hi Everyone, My recent obsession with cord blood donation came when someone 40 years old who i love and adore was diagnosed with leukemia. This has been such a hard time. Tears, fears and anger have all finally blended into one thing, COURAGE. Courage is what makes every other virtue possible. WE are ready to [...]


I just read an amazing article on CORD BLOOD DONATION. We live in a word where so many lives can be saved by this and TODAY I am making a vow, when i have the opportunity to donate, I will. Please get informed and encourage your pregnant friends to get involved. Its EASY, PAINLESS and [...]

Am I The Only One Who Can’t Hear My Clock Ticking?


Does someone hear a ticking clock? Jen’s wondering why she’s not….

New Mommy Blogger


Jennifer is a mommy-to-be practicing the art of patience and testing her ability to have kids with two rambunctious dogs Chia and Marchello.  In that unique place all us mommies once were, she is terrified of the responsibility of kids, but excited by the idea at the same time. We’ll follow Jennifer on her journey [...]