Fashion on the Run


We all know summer is coming, school will soon be out and small faces will suddenly be popping up at home more often than usual.  While having the company is fun, it can present challenges unique to a pleasant consumer experience.  If you’re like me, you have small children that aren’t always adorable for protracted [...]

Top Five Beaches for Family Fun in Boca Raton


For many families across the country, August heralds the return to school and the beginning of the end of summer fun and with it jaunts to the beach. In sunny, South Florida, that is decidedly NOT the case. For those of us blessed to live in an almost endless summer, paradise, we keep the beach [...]

Breastfeeding Etiquette 101


By employing this “step program” you will eliminate misunderstandings, no longer a victim to hormonally induced confusion, or sleep-deprived missteps, which will cause you to be cast in a less than flattering light.

Boudoir Valentine, by Tiffany Berch

Photographed by Lisa Nalven (Fort Lauderdale), styled by Encore Plus (Deerfield Beach)

Year after year the same question comes up.  What to buy for the man who has EVERYTHING?  There’s always another “dust collector” to be added to an already abundant array of lovely gifts, something golf related (again….snooze), wine (though it’s hard to say we wouldn’t both appreciate something rare, something exquisite), this year I want to REALLY [...]

The Consignment Guru

encore III

With more than 25,000 consignment retailers in this country, it’s hard to deny the trend of frequenting these often upscale stores is much more than a fad.  Where else can you buy a brand new (soles never even saw the floor) pair of Louis Vuitton shoes with a regular, retail price tag of over $1,200 [...]

Botox, “fillers” and scalpels, oh my


(think Lions, and tigers and bears from Wizard of Oz)! Who ever knew that in the “war” against aging, so many of us would be willing to plunk down a respectable chunk of change on winning how ever many small “battles” we could?  Despite the recession, or perhaps in spite of the recession, people are [...]

A generation of degenerates?

With so many children growing up with two working parents, or with a single parent working outside the home and many of those same folks living in disparate locales from their families of origin, who’s raising the kids???  Day care, babysitters, teachers, friends – anyone?  After watching the devolution of what used to be called [...]

The REAL deal with Nannies by Tiffany S Berch


According to a recent study by the Center for American Progress, fewer than 3.5 percent of ALL families in the United States, at ALL income levels, employ a nanny for child care.  Yes, you read that correctly. For middle-income families that number drops to less than 0.5 percent.   You may be thinking, “So, if [...]

Entitlement Era, by Tiffany S Berch

Photo by Lisa Nalven Photography

Should we really deprive our cherished offspring of life’s often unfair and tough lessons? Even though it is difficult to say no when we have the means and it doesn’t change our life in the least to give in. In the end, maybe “no” isn’t such a bad word after all?

A Day at Hershey Park #romroadtrip

chocolate tour

Every year my husband and I take our daughter to Chocolate World in Hershey PA. We always take the Chocolate Tour and purchase the ride photo. Some people take a yearly family photo in front of a Christmas tree, we do ours in chocolate filled ride. This is one of our favorite traditions. We look forward to it every year and every year we say “We really need to go to Hershy Park also.” Thanks to Hershey Park and the tickets they provided us, this was the year! Also, this year was very special because my Aunt, Uncle, and their 3 boys came along to spend the day with us the park! My parents even met us in the morning for a visit to Chocolate World.

Ooph’s Letter to her future Dauthers-In-Law


You should know that I cook a chef style meal almost every evening for my boys. They have come to expect it. All of them are particularly fond of my enchiladas. A recipe you will never have. But one I will cook. Every. Single. Time. You are here. You will notice my fake smile directed at you as my aproned self places the enchiladas on the table to the mouth watering delight of my sweet baby boys. “You should make these at home, Sarah. Your husband loves them.” Additionally. I make their breakfast. And their lunches. Every day.



Why is it that our society expects ALL WOMEN TO BE EXCELLENT AT MOTHERING? Does everyone expect all men to be great engineers, mathematicians, philosophers, astronomers, mechanics, husbands, FATHER’S? NO!!!! Have we worked so hard at making it look effortless that everyone assumes we’re all good at this?