A broken foot can’t hold this toddler back


When Zach broke his foot I felt awful, but I would be lying if I didn’t admit part of me was looking forward to him slowing down. Being 7 and 8 month pregnant is making it a little difficult to keep up with this very active toddler. The cast didn’t slow him down one bit! [...]

Easy and Rich Creamy Portobello Cheese Raviolis

30 minute Portobello Cheese Ravioli

If my kids could have Macaroni Cheese every night of the week they would. I however, am completely over it! I need something more adult, but it has to be easy!  My prego self is craving something rich and yummy!  What? You too? Great! Here you go… Ingredients  Bag of your favorite fresh cheese ravioli [...]

Knott’s Season Pass Savings & Season Pass Ticket Contest! #KnottsPass


This post has been sponsored by Knott’s Berry Farm, but our love for roller coaster is our own! Ellie has been a Roller Coaster fan from the moment she was tall enough to ride the Dino Coaster at Legoland.  From that moment she’s been counting the inches until she was tall enough to ride the big [...]

5 Things We Need to Stop Saying to Young Girls

5 Things We need to stop saying to young girls

Girl Power! You can do anything you set your mind to girls.   Girls can do anything boys can do. There are 100′s of these phrases and I agree with all of them.  Even with these amazing Girl Power phrases said daily, there are a few things that I really think we need to stop [...]

Pottery Barn Inspired Coastal Coffee Table Centerpiece

Coastal Coffee Table Centerpiece

I am Pottery Barn junkie!  It’s such an issue that my husband will try to beat me to the mail to make sure I don’t see the catalogs.  Foolish boy, I’m on to his tricks! My latest Pottery Barn obsession are these Hyannis Lanterns with the bronze finish.   I’ve been looking for a new [...]

What not to say to a pregnant woman


Every time I have been pregnant the crazy things people will say to me never ceases to amaze me.  Just this past weekend as I was attending a conference I had one of the older waitresses approach me and completely catch me off guard. Cocktail Waitress – “Oh dear, YOU are having a boy!” Me [...]

The Private Lives of Nashville Wives episode 2 recap #NashvilleWives


Just a quick reminder, I am writing this for a campaign I’m taking part of over the next couple of months.  All thoughts and opinions are my own though! I have waited for this episode for the last week.  Last week met the ladies, but this week we really start to get to know them! [...]

Travel Accessories for Moms and Dads on the go by Infantino

infantino neoprene

Where are my germaphobes? Raise your hands, I know you’re out there.  I am one of those moms who completely gross out at the restaurant high chairs, market shopping carts and anything with other people’s germs! I am so one of those crazy moms!  This morning we had to run quickly to the market for milk [...]

Bebe au Lait Muslin Collection – Swaddle Blankets

Bebe au Lait giveaway

Little Baby Girl Seid (BGS for short) should will be here in about 70 days and to date I have only bought her one thing,  a 4th of July dress.  I love buying for babies especially girls! So what is my problem is.   I have a ton of things left over from Zach, but [...]

The Private Lives of Nashville Wives debut #NashvilleWives


So last week I received an invite to be part of group to watch and help promote the new TNT Reality series The Private Lives of Nashville Wives.  A reality show about a bunch of big haired southern women living in Nashville? Um, ok, let me think about this for a second. YES!!!!!!  I think this [...]

I survived my first Dance Mom weekend…barely


I’ve sat on this post for a week now.  2 weekends ago I had my first real Dance Competition as a Dance Mom.   My anxiety had been high leading up to competition.  I wanted Ellie to do well, but I didn’t want her to stress about the judges, winning or losing.  More than anything [...]

Maternity Fashion do’s and don’ts

maternity fashion do's and don'ts

Another prego post repost today!  I needed to be reminded of these do’s and don’ts today.  It’s so easy and tempting to try to hide.  The problem is when we do that we end up looking sloppy and we all know that it’s a good look.  We also know that you tend to feel better [...]